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Do you ask these questions when you look at your marketing plan and the data you get?:

  1. What else can I do with my social channels?
  2. How can I reposition my product and find new markets and target audience?
  3. What can this data do for me and my business?
  4. How else can I better align myself with my customer’s experience with the product?
  5. What do I post on my social channels? I have no time and no idea!
  6. What is my business story and how do I translate it to my customer?
How we can help you


It’s increasingly competitive to market a product but let’s start with the the primary objective. We will always go back to objective to understand how you arrive at it. Don’t be alarmed if we keep asking ‘why’. We are genuinely curious to know why this is your objective.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe

Only after we have a deeper understanding of your objective and business goals, can we work together towards a tailored and data-driven social media marketing plan. But first – OBJECTIVE…and then nailing down the (KPI and metrics to measure).

Some Of Our Clients


GiftAppz is a startup company that provides white-label mobile apps. We created the strategy blueprint to gain brand awareness and  improve the business lead generation.

ClientKA Consultancy

As his brand and social media manager, we boosted his digital presence and saw a significant boost in site traffic and as a direct result of this digital presence, he became a known household name in Singapore and Malaysia.

ClientBicycl Asia

We managed Bicycl Asia’s online community and was deeply involved in the 360° marketing planning covering the mobile app and a blog.

The community great M-O-M, received positive feedback and gained fast traction and adoption in the US and Indonesia via Instagram.

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