Facebook versus Snapchat

Is Imitation Really The Sincerest Form of Flattery? Facebook versus Snapchat

I have a love/hate relationship with the Facebook app on my mobile phone. I often delete/download every few days as it’s a great source of distraction for me. It’s an oxymoron, being a social marketer but there you go.

I noticed something this morning – Facebook is imitating one of the features Snapchat has – disappearing posts. Snapchat’s pioneering features are quickly repurposed in Instagram as they introduced ‘Live Video’ and disappearing messages after 24hrs recently and are we really surprised that Facebook is doing the same thing too? Don’t forget Whatsapp and their ‘Status’ feature.

As reported on eMarketer, Facebook is taking the rising threat from Snapchat seriously. It’s reported that “a March 2017 survey conducted by LendEdu found that more than half of college students in the US said they checked their Snapchat notifications first, compared with 27% who checked Instagram first and 13% who said the same of Facebook.” – eMarketer emarketer-facebook-versus-snapchat

While these are predominantly US-centric numbers, I have a good feeling this phenomenon translate on a global platform too.

The data provided by the joint efforts of WeAreSo