There’s no such thing as bad publicity, really?

Last week, a day before April’s Fool, Ikea published this on their Facebook page:


This created a massive shitstorm on my social platform and rightly so. The nature of the topic is close to many parent’s heart. Our children are born right in the middle of the age of internet and smartphones and it’s difficult to avoid them. I’m not here to discuss how one should parent children but as a marketer, I cringe when I see stunts like this.

Yes we know it’s an April Fool’s joke, we get it, but do you really have to create such cringe-worthy and tacky PR stunt? As a marketer, I cannot help but scratch my head and roll my eyes whenever I come across such stunt. Does it not matter to you how damaging and run-of-the-mill you look as a brand – do you think it’s okay since “a bad publicity is still a publicity anyway”?

This reminds me NTUC Income’s bad PR stunt and honestbee selling exotic animal meat

Can we, as a highly evolved society, stop with this double-edged stunt? It makes you look bad either way and it is detrimental to your brand in the long run. You can be better than this, Ikea.

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