Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Ceremony 2017 – A humbling experience

What an emotional night last night. I was holding back tears as my heart burst at its seams.

I am thankful to witness the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Ceremony held at the beautiful Victoria Theater and Concert Hall last evening. There were so many beautiful and inspiring faces in the hall prior to the ceremony that it lifts my heart so – women inspiring women.

Beautiful music played by the organist. Sets the tone of the night.

Sandi Toksvig is an excellent choice as a Master of Ceremony. She is my favorite host on QI, the quiz show hosted on BBC, a Danish-British comedian, writer, actor, presenter and producer on British radio and television, and political activist. She is joint founder of the Women’s Equality Party (established in March 2015), was installed as Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth in October 2012, and is the current president of the Women of the Year Lunch (source from Wikipedia).

Fitting, indeed.

Sandi! My heart did a few somersaults. She is so amazing.
A great and inspiring panel of speakers. From left to right: Sandi Toksvig, Cyrille Vigneron, Privahini Bradoo, Rosaline Chow Koo, Professor Ilian Mihov

As a struggling mompreneur, a women entrepreneur, I understand the uncertainty and fears we face as female entrepreneurs. When Sandi spoke about “fear of failure”, I can relate. I don’t want to fail because I will disappoint myself and the people around me. The other fear of failure is also what people may THINK of me if they knew of my failures. But I am learning to accept failure now, that it is perfectly ok to fail fast and learn, grow from it. No one great has never failed – that’s how they came to be – learning from past experiences.

Here are some of the key takeaways that resonate until today:

  • I am driven to go back to the board and figure out how best to help back-to-work mothers, our key initiative.
  • Real change happens when women, real women like you and I, lift one another up. We can idolise celebrities and privileged individuals with silver spoon but the real women like you and I are more than capable to take action and help one another.
  • When girls everywhere get the education they deserve, they are empowered to become real change makers in their community. They create diversity, opportunities and inspire change for good.
  • Fear of failure is prevalent and probably something a lot of women grew up with – we don’t want to disappoint so we are risk adverse. It’s time to break that mentality and embrace failure as part of the learning process.
  • I still harbor a deep desire to go to INSEAD and get an MBA. One day, I will. We will raise that 38% of women admission to 50% and more, INSEAD.
  • When you see other women succeed, it should inspire and stir something in you to figure out how you can also contribute to the society around you, not swallow the green pill of jealousy.

Heartiest congratulations to the Laureates, Candice Pascoal, Ciara Donlon, Salma Abdulai, Sara Kristina Hannig Nour and Trupti Jain. You’ve inspired us all to become better women leaders in our community.

Thank you Cartier for having my partner and I. It was a lovely evening and you’ve definitely got me thinking how I can improve my idea to help my community.

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Female founder of Socially Amplified, a marketing consultancy. We work with businesses who want to build a business and help equip, empower and inspire back-to-work mothers. When I am not online, I like spending time with my little girl and being silly with her. I firmly believe in women empowerment and advancement and mothers in leadership roles. I am on Twitter as @foliobylisa

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