An inspirational lesson from Hong Kong

My travel diary have been hectic of late, flying from Taipei to Hong Kong and soon to Indonesia for both work and leisure. While in Hong Kong and staying at our close friends apartment, I found myself deeply smitten with the city. From the breathtaking skyline of Hong Kong to the steep and winding road up the Peak and down to the fast-paced city life, Hong Kong is a must-see for everyone. It’s not my first time in Hong Kong but it is with an 18 month old toddler who had a good amount of fun with other toddlers of her age.

I worked out of cafes and thankfully could get stuff out and done. The trouble with traveling is sometimes, we don’t often get the much needed time to sit down and plan especially when we are taken out of our element and comfort space.

One Saturday morning, we decided to hike up to the top of The Peak. I clocked in 13,457 steps, according to the Steps app on that hike and I was very impressed given how hard it is to get such steps in Singapore.  That’s the photo of 3 adults and 3 kids going up the hill by the way. I love walking in Hong Kong (as you do) as it gave me a lot of much needed time to think.

Up the Peak we go!

On the way down from The Peak, I was treated to an amazing view. While the husband carried the toddler on his back, I was left to my own devices and thoughts.

One of the ideas that kept looping in my mind was helping women and specifically mothers, back to work. There may be plenty of government initiatives but being part of the expat wives community and the mothers network here in Singapore, I still feel there is little support given from the ground. There is also a trepidation of the future for these mothers – I know that feeling all too well.

At the look out point, I looked down, breathed in the amazing cool air and promised myself to help as many mothers who want to help themselves. Mothers are key leaders in the house and at work. We are quick thinking, nimble – agile is the word for this  and we know how to get sh*t done and will find all means and ways. We are born true leaders and the skills are further honed after having kids and juggling the household. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for!

The only way is up and north. That’s how you should see life too, up and onwards.

But its all too familiar, isn’t it? When we are ready to head back into the workforce, we often find ourselves clueless as to where to start. We doubt our past experiences and wonder if we will ever be a contributor like we used to be, once upon a pre-children time.

Let me tell you – don’t let that faze you.

I experienced the same thing and I felt inadequate for a long while before I snapped out of the stupor. There are plenty of opportunities if you allow yourself time to explore. This is the time to try, experiment and fail. Embrace failure. Embrace it all. This is also the time for you to start honing and sharpening the skills you have. Like muscle memory, it’s all in your mind. You know how to do this, you know how to write the next amazing blog post, create an amazing marketing mix, write a children book. You are beyond and more.

Sing a different tune each day. Believe in yourself.

One foggy morning. I had a moment of realisation; nothing should faze you, not even a foggy day. Get up, warm drink in your hand and plan to seize the day.

As I was writing this post, a great song from Moana the movie came on my Spotify. I’ll leave this post with the following inspirational lines:

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me
And no one knows, how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know, if I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

(click here to listen to the song on Youtube)

Up and onwards, everyone. There’s truly light at the end of the tunnel. Believe.



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Female founder of Socially Amplified, a marketing consultancy. We work with businesses who want to build a business and help equip, empower and inspire back-to-work mothers. When I am not online, I like spending time with my little girl and being silly with her. I firmly believe in women empowerment and advancement and mothers in leadership roles. I am on Twitter as @foliobylisa

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