A Rediscovery

2017 started with a bang – literally – with an impressive view from Level33 over Singapore’s new years fireworks display.  I celebrated and shimmied my way into 2017.  I was happy, high spirited and invincible. I was ready to grab 2017 by its horns.

It was also time to rejuvenate Socially Amplified. A hard and honest look at my original founders plans revealed how far I had strayed from the path when we first incorporated the company. I won’t bore you with the details but the essence of what went wrong was that I had wanted to help make a difference, have a positive social impact, but in the end I was just too bogged down trying to complete all tasks for all clients (to overdeliver!) and I forgot to delegate.

This is my promise to myself: It will be different this year. Let me share with you a couple of things.

Firstly, what stays the same? We will continue to work with startups in need of marketing support, however – our services have narrowed to provide only niche marketing and digital solutions support. These services will be shared further when we meet with our startup partners, but critically we want to bring greater value, closer partnerships and focus on pure marketing advisory to startups beyond the infancy stage. We also want to make sure we will be working with startups whose products or services mirror our values – and bring a commitment to creating a positive social impact for society.  We are, after all, Socially Amplified.

While preparing this recalibration, I have also been toying for the longest time with the idea of helping the latent pool of back-to-work mothers and stay at home parents (SAHP) transition back into the workforce. What’s noteworthy is that while there’s a demand to go back, they are often unsure how to (or traditional employers lack the flexibility). I’d like to offer these wonderfully talented people to help us, on a relatively flexible basis, work with our startup partners as we grow this community.  A lean startup is a great start into getting back into the workforce. The startups benefit from having an independent creative force working with them while the ‘latent talent’ in the  pool benefits from getting back to work; putting their skills back into the mix so to speak.

This is my own vision for social impact – getting people back up on their feet and working with startups who share the same core values. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be part of the movement to shift and change your destiny. There is the ‘right time’, and that time is now. Let’s make 2017 count.



About the author

Female founder of Socially Amplified, a marketing consultancy. We work with businesses who want to build a business and help equip, empower and inspire back-to-work mothers. When I am not online, I like spending time with my little girl and being silly with her. I firmly believe in women empowerment and advancement and mothers in leadership roles. I am on Twitter as @foliobylisa

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