5 Great Reasons Why You Should Include Facebook Live As Part Of Your Digital Strategy

Before Facebook Live hit the screen, video was often out of reach for digital marketers. As a B2B marketer, I was all too familiar with having to source 3 quotes to get video company record our events, which meant that we often just didn’t do it.

Facebook Live took all brands and marketers by storm when it was first introduced on the 6th April. With Facebook Live feed, all I have to do is set it up on a stand, make sure my mobile phone is plugged in and charged and it’s ready to go live! Of course, this comes with a bit of marketing efforts prior to going live but that’s another story for another time.

I’m going to share with you some of the benefits of adopting Facebook Live as part of your digital strategy. We know Facebook’s penetration globally but if you are unsure, here’s the stats beautifully done by We Are Social and Hootsuite:


We’ve established Facebook reigns (outside of China) with their native app, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram. What’s the common thread that ties all the platform? Usage of camera and sharing of information. All the more, Facebook has sealed its dominance and something you cannot ignore. 

Some of the benefit of adopting Facebook Live:

Share the Brand’s experience

If you are a well-established brand looking to amplify your storefront, sharing the experience with the thousands of fans you have couldn’t be easier. If you don’t have a physical store, but wanting a slice of this pie, why not create your first Live feed and share more about your brand and what you do.  Give them a window into your world. Share with your fans and potential clients tuning in about your vision, what you set out to do, your product and their benefits and this is the best part – answer to real-time queries that they ask on the comment box. I absolutely love this because it gives a lot of “moment of truths” to the viewers tuning in and that you can have an interactive Live experience with your potential customers and clients.

Great example: (click here to be directed to the page)

I attended the ‘Legal for non-legal workshop’ hosted by Asia Law Network and Singapore Corporate Counsel Association last week and they were great at utilising Facebook Live to stream their workshop. Not only they fielded questions from the attendees, the lawyers and host answered questions from viewers tuning in. This comes with a lot of marketing pre-planning, of course.

Easy (and some say cheap!) to create and host webinars

Following from the above sharing of brand’s experience, I find Facebook Live great for streaming webinars of various degrees – small to big. Mark Zuckerberg does this in his Q&A. You can share your Live stream for as short as 4 seconds to 4 hours.

Imagine the kind of Live webinars you can do – from Q&A sessions, to streaming live workshops, product launches, introducing your employees. The idea is to provide an authentic experience, a window into something that was once hard to get in to.

One of my favorite that was routinely featured on Facebook:  Even Obama and his team is using Facebook Live!

Offer courses, teasers and other educational material

This is perfect if you want to get the message out quickly about the services you provide. More often than not, you will conduct a pre-course meeting and there are always drop-outs last minute. What better way to get them “there” but to host a Live stream? This is a great exercise for them to tune in and attract potential customers who have been sitting on the fence about signing up. They can still ask you questions via the ‘comment box’ and can rewatch the video before signing up. Don’t forget to include a call to action somewhere!

Stream and break news quickly and efficiently

This is something media outlets take advantage of. All breaking news are immediately streamed on Live to their followers. I am sure you have tuned in to some of these Breaking news as well.

If you are not a media outlet, there are many ways you can levarage that’s equivalent to breaking news – you can do product launches, stream live when someone from your company is invited to be a speaker at an event, share developmental milestones to your fans and user base. There is endless possibilities to using Live as a channel to distribute news.

Personal Branding

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” — Andy Warhol, 1968.

Andy is right to say people can easily get famous in 15 minutes. With Live, it’s such a powerful tool to get that executed and targeted. It’s great for personal branding as it’s very raw and real. This is as close as they can get to you, the business owner, the entrepreneur, the individual seeking to get support for a grant, etc. When you go Live, it’s you, nothing edited, just real raw human connection.

If you are a business owner, you can use this to brand yourself and create affinity between your investors, customers and employee. I have approached clients to try using Facebook Live stream but a lot of them hesitate and with good reason – they are a little camera-shy. Here’s my tip to you – get on your Facebook Live, turn it on, set the settings to ‘only you’ and go wild. The more you play around with it, listening to your own voice, watching your expressions, the better it gets when you are ready to go Live. Try it!

I hope this helps shape your perspective of using Facebook Live as part of your digital strategy. Don’t shy away – remember, this is Facebook’s own tool. They will overindexed it, show it to more eyeballs than you can potentially imagine. Sure, create your own guidelines as to how to use it as appropriately to your company’s requirements but be sure to give this a try. Get on it before the whole world does.

(This article was first published on ReactiveDPS.com)

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