About Us

More than just a consultancy

You’ve built a great product or created an amazing service to help lessen the burden of many. Whatever your grand idea may be, you are following your business plan to the T but something does not seat right.

Your growth is slowing and you have to work to sustain the hype you’ve built around your product. The social channels you’ve actively been posting and crafting content has been seating empty for weeks.

We know that situation so well.

We are interested in businesses keen in building a business

Marketing is an essential ingredient contributing to your business successes. However, like many business owners, marketing isn’t a priority until well, growth is slowing or your competitor serves the latest campaign, leaving you aghast.

We get it, it is incredibly challenging especially with rapid growth, changing market’s condition, finding the right product fit, building a strong and recognisable brand, all these IS daunting.

And it should be. Marketing is a profession and at Socially Amplified, we exist to help address the marketing conundrum you are in. We will work you to create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies are centered on the core of your business as we create a detailed and tailored marketing plan and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get your message out. We follow the plan through and work to execute and implement the marketing strategy – we get our hands dirty and very involved with your business in ensuring we get the efforts and returns.

What We Offer


We pay attention to the foundation of your marketing plan to help you gain the competitive edge

Marketing Solutions

We take the time to understand your business goals before we design your digital journey

Marketing Advisory

Do you have an idea and looking for a soundboard and advice? We’d be happy to hear you out!

Creative Resources

Leave the additional help hiring to us as we match back-to-work women to the core skills businesses lack.